AZ BOMBSHELL! Attorney General REFUSES to CERTIFY Election!!!



Thank God. She won fair and square. It’s so obvious they cheated! Just like it happened in 2020

The whole country needs to investigate all election polls and the people running the elections


  1. As I think I’ve mentioned before. During the 1930s my mother worked on the election poles. The poles closed, they sent the locked ballot boxes in and the next morning we knew who won. There was no electronic crap, no computers and telephones were mostly party lines. Now we have cellphones, computers, electronics of all kinds, crooks counting votes and we still have no idea who really won. Are we dealing with fraud on the part of the either communists or fascists committing fraud? YOUR DAMN RIGHT WE DO! Here it is two weeks after the election and we don’t know who actually – legally – won. Of course, win or lose, the communists – fascists won even if they lost.

  2. This time when they find the proof of demoncrap election fruad they need to line up every single demoncrap leader, office manager, election worker and donor on a brick wall and give them 3 minutes to describe every single bit of election fraud including every name they know of that was involved, including Joe biden. If they don’t talk it is an admission of guilt and they get popped.

    The punishment for election fraud must become so horrifying the democrats stop finding people to help them do it.

  3. When counting votes why can’t there be one of each party they’re counting together. It’s not right that only one party gets to count because then you will find cheating.

  4. Collette 100 percent true now Arizona needs to have a redo of the election just like Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan and NewYork every single one was ripe with Fraudulent counting of ballots


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