AOC Claims Her Life Is In Danger But Doesn’t Want More Police As Democrats Blame Her For NY Red Wave



Nobody is threatened enough by AOC to take her out. Fortunately she is considered to be a joke.

Alexandria district deserves everything coming to them by voting her into power again.



    “AOC explains trans men and nonbinary people can menstruate after referring to ‘menstruating people’….

    “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., was roundly mocked on Twitter for using the term “menstruating person” instead of women in a recent interview.”
    “people who are not cisgender men.”.
    “birthing persons”

    “During her campaign, Ocasio-Cortez had access to public transit – the famed No. 7 subway line was 138 feet from her Queens campaign headquarters, a one-minute walk.

    Yet AOC listed 1,049 transactions for Uber, Lyft, Juno and other car services, federal filings show. The campaign had 505 Uber expenses.”

    “AOC’s electric shock: Tesla ‘owned by socialist firebrand is spotted illegally parked outside a DC Whole Foods’

    “OCASIO-CORTEZ: “The climate crisis is a crisis born of injustice, and it is a crisis born of the pursuit of profit at any and all human and ecological costs. Which means that we must recognize in legislation that the trampling of indigenous rights is a cause of climate change. The trampling of racial justice is a cause of climate change.”

    “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was flooded with more than 1,000 pieces of hate mail – many pointing fingers at Democratic Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez – from people angry over the state’s failed deal with Amazon, the New York Post reported. The failed arrangement included adding more than 25,000 jobs and $3 billion in incentives, which garnered opposition from politicians, including Ocasio-Cortez.”

    “Ocasio-Cortez said, I’m here because Senator Sanders has actually committed to breaking up ICE and CBP. That’s why I’m here.”

    “Bright Power, a big name in solar power fired their entire workforce after Ocasio-Cortez stuck her nose where it didn’t belong and convinced the solar workers to form a union. Now, rather than having full-time employees they’ve went back to the way that they used to do things which is to just subcontract the work out.”
    “I am told this is a garbage disposal,” Ocasio-Cortez explained – either publicly revealing her ignorance or engaging in supreme trolling. “I’ve never seen a garbage disposal. I never had one in any place I’ve ever lived. It is terrifying. I don’t know what to use it for, or what its purpose is…..At one point, Ocasio-Cortez asked, “Is this environmentally sound?”

    “Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. Unemployment is low because people are working 60, 70, 80 hours a week and can barely feed their family.”

    “A 17-year-old can walk into a shop and purchase an assault weapon.” — WRONG! 17 year olds cannot buy any kind of gun in America. Under federal law, the minimum age to buy a handgun from a licensed dealer is 21. But the age limit drops to 18 if the gun is being purchased from a private, unlicensed seller, which could be a neighbor or someone online, or at gun show. (The Hill)

    “We’re gonna flip this seat red” — She meant “blue”, but maybe she spoke the truth: “Red” as in communist red.

    “She is, she is the leader of, of– no no, she, I mean, um, um, Speaker, or rather Leader Pelosi, hopefully, um, you know, we’ll see, she’s uh, she’s the current leader of the party and I think the party absolutely does have its leadership in the House, we our leadership in the Senate as well.”

    Ocasio-Cortez has: Claimed “unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs.”

    · Referred to Israel’s “occupation of Palestine” and struggled to explain what that meant

    · Claimed the “upper-middle class doesn’t exist anymore.”

    · Wrongly accused her defeated Democratic opponent of plotting a third-party challenge against her.

    She also compared the costs of the GOP tax cuts (less than $2 trillion over the next 10 years) to the costs of her Medicare For All approach, estimated at around $32 trillion over a decade. Then to make matters worse, she added this during a CNN interview: “Americans have the sticker shock of healthcare as it is, and what we’re also not talking about is why aren’t we incorporating the cost of all the funeral expenses of those who died because they can’t afford access to healthcare? That is part of the cost of our system.”

    ‘Medicare for All’ Plan Would Cost Federal Government $32 TrillionA “Medicare for all” proposal would cost the federal government more than $32 trillion over the course of ten years”

    “Yes—what about all the savings we’ll have under #MedicareForAll once people stop dying?”

    “After one of Ocasio-Cortez’s recent unforced errors, establishment D.C. moderate Norm Ornstein tweeted that she is “not ready for prime time.”

    “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Celebrated Amazon Pulling Out of New York––But the Governor Says It Cost the City 25,000 Jobs”

  2. Wouldn’t hurt my feeling if someone offed that stupid donkey face ex whore. One less idiot in the world. But I doubt if anyone in NY would go through with it. New Yorkers are like Californians, no brains!

  3. AoC’s life in Danger?,…. did she forget how to breathe ?,…. maybe she forgot how to eat ?,…. maybe she owes her patrons change from their drinks ?,…. maybe she stole their drinks and they are after her ?,…. maybe she ripped off one of her johns ?,…. nahhh she is just being a drama queen as usual ! ,…. better Red Flag her as a precaution,…. take all of her guns, kitchen knives, screw drivers and corkscrews, Tesla key, and her congressional I.D. Card,…. and commit her to bellevue for Observation for 72 months ,…. and send nasti P. with her,…. Just in Case ,…. come to think of it maybe they have been in Hunter b.’s stash, better test them both, and pauli P. also,…. It could have been hallucinogens ,…. nahhh just lock them in the rubber Room and throw away the key


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