Ron DeSantis RESPONDS To Trump Attacks Ahead Of 2024 Presidential Bid Announcement



After these midterms, I can safely say to never underestimate the stupidity of a lot of people in the US.

Just hope the people don’t totally divide themselves so another Democrat gets in. Be mindful of that folks.


  1. Desantos and I both know that elections as we have known them are over Biden and Harris are a direct indication of that Trumpsters have had enough of being forced to eat the unpitiable Gays Trans Lesbians the Pollical Correct Police the never ending apology tour that Whites have had to do enough has become too much …

  2. “do not speak ill of a fellow republican.” Ronald Reagan. Trump should study and learn this statement and work on healing the republican party, not dividing it. There’s plenty of RINOs already out there that are willing to wreck the party and kiss dummycrat ass.

  3. I hate to say this but I believe Trump’s time is over for another shot at the White House. He was great the four years he was there. America had a president who watched our backs and who was not a traitor. He stood up for America and despite all the underhanded BS the democrats tried to pin on him he was able to give us better than we had in a long time. By the time elections roll around he will be almost 80. I think he’s showing the strain of having had to fight the “Donkey” party for those years and has continued to do so. I hope he rethinks his decision to run again and instead goes to the sidelines and watches. I hope Governor DeSantis runs and wins and is a two term president. If we get another Democrat president, this country will shrivel and die. We are in deep trouble, I just hope we make the right pick.

  4. 2Big egos this is fodder for the the Democrats. When it comes to common sense this political attitude could be a linch pin along with all the pontificating Trump can only be in power for another 4years & I like DeSantisAs we I feel as if a blind ambition is an enemy at this time he’s younger could be in a better position supporting Trump for the President it’s his swan song & his script has/ was positive. Supporting Trump could be a keystone for the after 2028 in the race for the the president. The above should keep the RepublicanGOP IN A MORE UNIFIED POSITION


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