New Study On Electric Cars Shocks The Entire Car Industry


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The minimum range should be considered as the “worst case” range. Meaning, in freezing winter (deduct 30%), after 10 years of ownership (deduct 25%), and on the highway (deduct 20%). So if you know you need 150 miles range, you’ll actually need a 360 mile battery. If you need 300 miles range, you’ll need a 700-mile battery.

To me, the flexibility of the gas powered car is so much better than the anxiety of an EV – I made a wrong turn on an outing awhile back, and ended up in the boonies, such a nice feeling to be able to quickly fill up with gas, and head back without range anxiety.


  1. The green idiots don’t understand that when they invented cars the gov didn’t demand you go shoot your horse or prohibit you from buying ome

  2. The EV has been around since the 1800s range was always the issue and still is,weather is also a major issue cold limits range wether hot or cold there are accessories you will be needing opening the windows when it’s hot or just bundling up with only the heated seat don’t cut it.Now looking past that in the North East US they use huge amounts of salt,calcium chloride on the roads to melt the ice and snow these agents are highly corrosive electrical anything is highly susceptible to damage and as a mechanic there is no such thing as a a completely sealed anything.Case in point after the Buffalo blizzard interstate 79 in Pa I personally passed 3 Tesla on the side of the South bound side between i80 and Pittsburgh the windows were nicely frosted over, now there were also a couple of gas cars also on the side of the road but EVs only make up a minuscule % but I’m sure the people pushing this Gov subsidized boondoggle are only in it for the money there also aren’t enough resources on the planet to satisfy the battery need one other point Lithium ions are highly volatile as in huge fire hazard you see they don’t mix well with water.DUDA


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