Reporter Tells Biden Majority of Country Doesn’t Want Him To Run Again…His Response Is Pure Comedy


A reporter just told Biden a majority of the country doesn’t want him to run again and his response was pure comedy.


I have to admit that I totally find him disgusting. What ever he does destroys our country.

How in the world can anyone think voting for this man and his cronies is good for the American people? He has destroyed everything he touched. We are worse off because of this administration. Let’s Go Brandon!!!


  1. Women and child molesters like Brandon don’t realize how repulsive they are. That’s why they can force themselves on others they way they do. In the same manner, they can force their viewpoint of what’s good for this planet and this country. Brandon doesn’t care what you think. He has pushed his weight around as a senator for 43 years and he knows no other way.

  2. Biden is has been such a better President then I imagined. His declining age did bother me but, am so glad to have him then Trump. I hope we vote for you her Presidents this next time around tho. We went with experience and it worked but, we need change.

    • Educate yourself on the great policies of the Trump Administration, and you will see that you are just another mental midget.
      You have no idea what you are talking about, but you just repeat what ever the MSM lies they have told you. We are so sick of the corruption, the lies and the garbage coming for the Biden Administration, but it just keeps coming. Hope it ends soon! This country is so divided, it should be a chance to break into two different countries. We will never be able to agree! I cannot see myself ever thinking like a DemocRAT!

  3. America voted for this idiot and voted for his democrat buddies.

    We all get what the democrats, progressives, liberals voted for.

    It is just the way it is.


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