Pelosi Gets ROASTED For Going FULL RACIST and Saying the “Quiet Part Out Loud”


Nancy Pelosi just got completely ROASTED for going FULL RACIST and saying the “quiet part out loud.”


She, along with Biden are examples of why we need term limits.

Blame her constituents that keep voting for her.


  1. Nancy Pelosi is a disgusting PIG. She is a racist, a bigot, and a criminal that has been living off the taxpayers of the USA since the day she was born. It is way past time for the people of this country to vote this leech out of office.

    • #1 Any elected official in our governmental system exceeding 2 terms should be removed from office to prevent the ageing process from interfering with their memory and thinking processes.
      #2 Any elected official in our government, SHOULD NOT receive any future payments from our government, other than SS.
      #3 Active or inactive, any person serving or having served in our countries congress in any capacity, shall not be involved in any transaction within the stock markets or business dealings with the U.S. Gov’t in any manner, that would align them or people of personal interest with profits from those dealings.
      #4 All federal employees will pay taxes to the Federal Gov’t the same as all other citizens AND non-citizens- no exceptions.

  2. The finest example of the privileged, elitist, money grubbing self serving Tw0t…. Her real opinion of non-Americans.. they are here for her to use. make her more money and to look down on. LIke she does the rest of us who hover in the Middle Class. She uses insider trading, supports a drunk of husband and lives the high life on someone else’s back. This Zombie needs to climb back in her coffin… with a stake in her chest.

  3. She is losing here ability to be coherent in speaking. Age has crept up on the Women, besides one to many shots of vodka.

  4. Nancy needs to retire & enjoy her wealth in her remaining years instead of being propped up like a puppet with a ventriloquist doing the talking;

  5. This is the reason for getting RID of this blood sucking leech. She is the HEAD of the Left and has finally spoken the truth of the Left, they are a pack of RACIST. They feel as the rest of the country (middle class and the poor) are here to serve her and her rich cronies. As for her lip service about the border it’s a lie. What the old saying “if her lips are moving, she’s lying” Her picture should be in the dictionary under liar.


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