Joe Biden reacts to Hunter potentially facing federal charges


Joe Biden has told CNN’s Jake Tapper he is “proud” of his son for overcoming his drug addiction after the journalist asked what the president’s reaction was to agents potentially charging Hunter Biden with federal charges.

“Well first of all I’m proud of my son,” President Biden told Jake Tapper.

“This is a kid who, not a kid he’s a grown man, and he got hooked on drugs. He’s overcome that, he’s established a new life.

“It turns out when he made the application to purchase a gun what happened was, I guess you get asked the question ‘are you on drugs, do you use drugs’ and he said no.”

The Washington Post revealed late last week federal agents believe they have enough “sufficient” evidence to charge Hunter Biden with tax crimes and making a false statement in relation to the purchase of a firearm.

It was reported last year when Hunter bought a gun he checked the box on the form that declared he was not at the time a user or addicted to drugs despite his well-known problem with substance abuse.


The cover up for the Biden’s is incredible

He provided 10% of all the money he laundered to “the big guy”, of course Joe is proud.


  1. We the people,aren’t worried about hunter, we are interested in corrupt,traitor joe,who has been doing dirty dealings,with his son and our adversaries, in pay to play schemes for years.We want answers from corrupt,joe, we already know what they did,we want answers from the horses mouth.

  2. How sad that the biden administration has made the D OJ and FBI complicit in all the corruption. Starting with the low life Comey. America, put politics and your hatred for Trump aside and don’t let them get away with this.

  3. Commissar Yadoof Bai Din IS a Traitor, His Son is a drug addict and a pedo like his father, and between the two of them they are criminals,…. Yadoof Bai din has been derelict in his oath, and negligent in his duties, as well as a traitor to his countrymen,…. one day soon,…. real soon,…. we will get to watch and laugh as he is Impeached by the NEW congress, hairass will be impeached as well and nasti P. will be also.

  4. If our leadership is so intent on “GUN” control and getting all of them away from all U.S. citizens, particularly AR automatic guns, why does Hunter Biden need a gun? Notice I said U.S.Citizens above, because almost all illegals and non-citizens have no need to apply for any guns at all, for the most part they bring their own into this country. Didn’t one of our Presidents send guns across the border not long ago?


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