DeSantis asks Harris to clarify aid comments


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office asked Vice President Kamala Harris to clarify her comments about aid being distributed based on equity. Some of what Harris said has been taken out of context by Republicans and the right-leaning media. #Harris #DeSantis #equity


Imagine someone saying, “Well, I think FEMA should offer aid to all Caucasian people first, then, when the Caucasian folks have all rebuilt, we can begin helping people of color”. That would certainly not be tolerated, just as it shouldnt be tolerated when our Vice President spews racial division.

Her comments were racist,ridiculous and disgusting


  1. The writer of this article says that some of what Kamala Harris said has been taken out of context…..WELL, I beg to differ as I and Millions more saw the interview and heard the WORDS come out of her mouth and the context of her meaning was very plain and RACIST. Now we have idiots like this and in the Biden Administration telling us our EARS are lying to us….B/S

    • Exactly! But it’s just like the lying democrats and their lapdogs to excuse the racist remarks coming from the idiotic VP Harris. The irony is while Harris’s comments were NOT taken out of context, Biden and his militia media continue to misquote Trump’s comments re: Charlottesville. Not once did Trump refer to bigots and racists as “good people”. His comment was “there are good people on BOTH sides of the issue of removing historical statues that were in place for over a hundred years. It was Trump that also included those on the LEFT as good people too, just as those on the right who are God-Fearing hard working folks who wanted the statues to REMAIN as they were part of our history. This is one of the reasons my family went from being FDR democrats to voters of the Republican Party. The Democratic Party is run by lunatics.

  2. The VP is racist and that other man doesn’t need to try and sugar coat it. We all heard what she said and she wants to care for the Black people first. That is BS
    She is suppose to be for all Americans. Pretty plain to see that isn’t the case here.

  3. Is she really implying that a hurricane is racist in that it targeted poor and colored communities more than any other? Then attempt to say those communities deserve more aid than any other? Just go home and keep your mouth shut. Your knees would probably thank you as much as the people.

  4. Apparently, half the country is deaf. The new Democrat mantra is “don’t believe what we say, only after we explain what we said you “thought you heard” This woman is nothing but a racist puppet for whoever is really running the White House.


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