Blake Masters GOES IN! … And He’s 100% Right.



Mitch McConnell provides aid and comfort to the democrats, and is a thorn in the side of the GOP.

The GOP Senate needs a new leadership. Kick McConnell to the curb.


  1. McConnell has never been the vision of motivation he is trying to be a statesman in a zoo when you have to deal with trash like Schumer you have to be thrasher there was no good reason for the GOP to lose the Senate to the DIMNS

  2. Never trust a person who can talk without moving their lips. Who’s foxhole is Mitch in? Putting him back into his leadership role shows that the RNC is not changing for the good of the American people

    • McConnell’s wife is a Chinese Communist and represents one of China’s biggest banks. Follow the $$$ Money $$$ and you will quickly realize Mr. McConnell is a traitor!

      McConnell and the Biden’s all of them should be in prison.

  3. McConnell has some kind of relations with China and is the worst thing in the world for the republicans. When are the republicans going to realize some of the swamp is among you. Donald Trump knows who they are and he tried to warn you. I am a republican and I see no future for your party so long as you won’t get new blood in there. I’ll vote for Trump in the next election if he’s nominated but I won’t vote for RINOS. McConnell is the big problem with this party and you keep voting for him. so long

  4. Mitch the bitch succeeded in losing the senate to the dummycrats and managed to get re-elected a senate loser. This is why we need Trump.

  5. Mitch McConnell shouldn’t be able to use the money at his discretion, why did he put money in the Alaska race where Mckurski votes with the democrats, he took money out of Arizona where Blake Masters could have won with some money from the republicans in my opinion McConnell lost the Senate for republicans. I can’t believe they keep voting him in! Let’s get someone new in.

  6. Cocaine mitch needs to be ditched, he help the dumbocraps win the senate majority, by pulling money from Trump candidates, and giving to rhinos,like murkoski. He in not a republican, but schumer’s sidekick to get hidenbidens, corrupt agenda in place. Get rid of the traitor or lose alot of votes.

  7. Alaska voting is a FUBAR. Blake’s no-doubt the winner with what look’s to be corruption as high as the roof. He and Lake need a total re-vote.


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