Unbelievable: Biden Makes a Wild Suggestion About Gun Control…


Image from video below…

GOP War Room
– President Joe Biden suggested he wants to ban handguns and said, “there’s simply no rational basis for it,” during questions he answered while on the White House lawn on 5/30/2022.

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Actually, “shall not be infringed”, kind of means “absolute.”

Banning guns—that will be a winning issue in November. Let’s go Brandon!

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    • Go to yahoo and look at comments on their articles that mention Guns, and you won’t believe all the Illiterate indoctrinated sheeple who place anti-gun comments and have no knowledge about them. They hate Trump (TDS) and admire CCP xidung. Yahoo will not place any comments of mine on there anymore as they did not like what I posted. They do not like the truth. They do not like “MAGA” or everyone should have an AR15 and a 9mm.

  1. Yes, it’s pretty much a shame that Joe is such a leftie. During the campaign he hid in the basement. They say that it’s the quiet ones that you’ve gotta watch out for and it’s true. I truly believe that nearly every decision he’s made since taking office has cost us dearly. It devastates me that he has no respect for The Constitution or it’s Ammendments, unless, of course, it benefits the left. Is it time to vote again yet?


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