Tucker: They Care More About Pronouns Than Human Life



I’m ex-military, and I would never give up my weapons, not because it’s my right, it’s because I don’t trust my government or the military I worked for, I know they can be turned on the people, and I’m now one of the people.

Gun control is never about controlling guns it’s about controlling the people


  1. I have the rifle that my greatX4 grandfather carried in the U.S. civil war (and yes he fought for the Union) there is no way I’ll let anyone take it from me no matter what pronoun they want use. I personally have never had a use for an AR but I feel it’s a person’s right to own one if they s choose. I live in a small town in north west Montana and whenever I leave town to go into the bigger city I exercise my right to “open carry”. I do sometimes get comments “you got a permit for that”, answer: “yes it’s called the 2nd amendment” and I often get looks, you know the kind I’m talking about. We cannot allow this!!!! Our founding fathers made the 2nd amendment so citizens cannot be ruled by a corrupt tyrannical government and if Biden and the rest of the dummycrats have their way that’s exactly what you’ll have. Come, try and take my guns, I’m daring you😁

  2. Ah yes! Similar to the WW II Nazi regime, the Venezuelan Chavez/Maduro cabal, and other Marxis/Communist regimes – they ban weapons for ordinary people and then pass them out to political reliable supporters!

  3. If the government saids you don’t need a weapon, trust me … you do. Or better yet ask any N.A. their tell you all about it.

  4. Dummycrats are so full of runny shit. They don’t about anyone’s life until it’s THEIR life that gets threatened. Then they soak and shit their pants and shake and cry like scared little babies. Notice how big and brave old poopypants senile stupid Joe is? As long as he has his armed secret service people around him he thinks he’s superman, but take away his protection and he’s really just an old wrinkled pussy like the rest of the dummycrats.


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