Trump Voters Interviewed About J6, Doesn’t Go How The Media Expected!


Pittsburgh-area Trump voters were interviewed by MSNBC about the events surrounding the now-infamous “J6” incident. It is not quite clear what the motive of MSNBC was…


The tax payer money wasted on this disgraceful witch hunt is despicable

These “Pittsburg Area Trump Voters” have done well here! Thank you, Citizens! MSM has been defeated here.


  1. We all know the Jan 6th committee is a witch hunt lead by pelosi and schiff. The most ridiculous part of it is that pelosi and schiff planned tge Jan 6th break in and had the fbi and antifa carry it out.

    We further all know that antifa and blm are paid for by the democrats.

    All those riots throught 2019 and 2029 were democrat paid riots.

    What is surprising is that despite all the democrat investigations of trump they have never found anything.

    Trump must be the most squeaky clean guy on earth.

    By now I would have expected soros to hand somebody 50 million dollars to fake a trump crime.

    The more the democrats investigate trump the more impressed with trump I am.

    By the way. Mean tweets are better then calling 50% of Americans terrorists or mandating deadly experimental drugs. You democrats are stupid people.

    • Tara, that may well be happening as I reply to your comment. Growing up in the post war 1940’s and 50’s, I learned at an early age that the only way to fight “Fire” is with “Fire”. Sadly, I have to say that our government is our own worst enemy. Before we can save our Republic, we need to deal with all the corruption and treason that’s taking place in this government. Stay Well….


      • That is why people love trump. He is not part of the political in crowd. He is not part of their corruption. They fear what that could mean.

  2. Number one, I would like to know more about “1776”. I liked his straightforwardness and candor. I sincerely hope that ALL AMERICANS listen to what this man is saying, our lives and futures may well depend on it!

  3. Lone wolf your last post is great and I do hope people who read it pay attention. The democrats have been trying to destroy this country for a hundred years.They founded the KKK and supported it. They picked up the way of slavery and ran with it. They murdered their own president( JFK) and got away with it.They started PP through a person who is a raciest and still support the murder of babies. All the democrats have done is destroy, destroy, destroy. Today they continue by trying to destroy a president just because they do not like him and the press fuels the fire. They try to take all our freedoms away and destroy the constitution.
    The j6 panel is just another way for them to try and enforce their way of destruction, just like Hitler. Those interviewed on the j6 hoax in Philly where correct.


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