Shhh… These Guys Are SECRETLY Hiding In Ukraine



The west refers to these fighters in Ukraine as Special Soldiers but Russian fighters are classed as criminals. Double standard!

I thought it was illegal for the US to send mercenaries to other countries. Blackwater has consistently done this. In Afghanistan they were double billing the US. We need to audit the Pentagon!


  1. Given the fact that the dummycrats had installed useless generals and admirals to run our military and turning our military into a bunch of sissy faggots, Blackwater is the only REAL military the U.S. has at this time. The clowns in the defense department bad mouth Patton because he was a winner but glorify Custer because he was a loser.

  2. I served for 23 years as an SF Operator for the Force Recon. I say if they are getting paid well, then go for it! But what I don’t understand is that the corrupted Ukrainian officials using the American hard earn money to buy luxury cars and mansions while taking vacations to Spain. The President only had a few thousand in his bank which he now has millions. I think Joke Bliden is taken some kickbacks as well. They want this war to continue, so that they can bankroll off the backs of the people. This clown still doesn’t know that he WORKS for the people.

  3. Wilddog your right again. Hidenbiden and his cronies, don’t know where all these billions of our tax dollars are going.I know the war machine kickbacks/politicians making money on war, and we know ukraine is somewhat corrupt.We know hidenbidens crackhead son, and himself had big connections to the corrupt, and others? I think lying,senile,old puppet,joe is making the big bucks too,wanting to keep this gravy train going.It’s time for the new repuke congress to do an audit,these dumbocraps love spending money we don’t have,we need a investigation, of this not so transparent administration. Once their corruption is out in the open, impeach the entire government,for selling us out.


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