Sen. Cotton SLAMS Kroger CEO Over Firing Employees Who Won’t Wear Gay Pride Symbols


Sen. Cotton just SLAMMED the Kroger CEO over him firing employees who won’t wear gay pride symbols. WATCH press sec. SNAP and unleash a nasty, screaming attack:


This senator ripped the Kroger dude apart without even raising his voice.

It is wrong to require an employee to wear anything which is political in nature.


  1. There is no Kroger store where I live and I hope there never is one. I would never shop in a faggot store. And if some dumbass decided to build a Kroger store in my area, they’d better have real good fire insurance.

  2. Just read an article on AOL where a Dairy Manager at a Cincinatti Kroger committed suicide after managers were supposedly harassing him and coming behind him and putting outdated product back on the shelf. It said strange cars would come by the house and he told his dad that these were thugs from the company. They have a lawsuit in process. We don’t have a Kroger near us. We shop at Food Lion. They have about the lowest prices with Aldi.

  3. Kroger, hope you go out of Business . You the hell do you think you are, you cant tell a employee to support Gay Pride . What are you, a mini Hitler . No more shopping at Kroger.

  4. It is this type of crap that keeps our country divided, because some people will not let people of different walks of life go about their lives without contrivers a, they want to push their way of thinking off on others who may not agree with them, but if they would stop pushing their way of life on others, we would all learn to get along together and be more accepting of others way of life. This goes not only for the gay community, but for other nationalities, color and any other crap that divides our country. I have lived my entire life without judging other on the color of their skin, their sexual preference and any other item that divides us and it has made my life a lot easier. Try it, you might like it.

  5. We do have some politicians from Arkansas. Sen Cotton did a good job in his questioning. An apron as part of uniform is/was not the question/problem, it was what was on it. The guy did seem to get that but, probably did.

  6. Kroger should be boycott immediately. I live in an area that has Kroger stores (3) and I for one will not be shopping at Kroger’s again. I’ll shop at Publix or Food City. If I was an employee, I to would refuse to wear the apron.

  7. Wilddog – there probably is a Kroger store where you live. The following are Kroger brands –

    The Kroger Co. Family of Stores includes:

    City Market
    Food 4 Less
    Foods Co
    Fred Meyer
    Jay C Food Store
    King Soopers
    Metro Market
    Pay-Less Super Markets
    Pick’n Save
    Smith’s Food and Drug


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