Racist Black Karen Gets CONFRONTED After Hurling Racial Slurs At Asian Woman



She doesn’t care bc she has nothing to lose and society has taught her bc of her skin color she can say or do whatever she wants

When you have a society that allows people like her to say whatever shit she wants but won’t allow others from another race say anything back you’re gonna keep getting this kind of mentality.


  1. What do you expect from this kind of fat, ugly, low class pig! All they care is how much they can milk from the government or stealing from business or people.

  2. You just gave her a pass, your just as racial she is, you keep making excuses for her racist actions, blacks get a pass “ Right” no no F U !!!

  3. Hey, years ago I walked into the dressing- room area at a Target. Two little AA boys were sitting on the chairs, waiting for ? mom. They called me a FAT WHITE BITCH as I entered their area….. NO comment from the closed dressing booth from mom, so why are we surprised today? They are programmed at home to hate anyone who is lighter than they are. It is not new. HATE is and has been their mantra for decades. It is all they have or will ever have and it WORKS, thanks to our government and the new WOKE. My answer…? Lets give them their own state… Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky. Somewhere where they can stew in their own welfare koolaide.

  4. people need to grow up except that were all human being
    just different colors of skin
    it’s simple minded people that will be racist
    we have bi racial children what are they going to think
    what are you making them think ask yourself this

  5. Don’t defend that person. She has no license to do what she did. The journalist gave her a chance to defend herself. She had no right to throw rocks, or try to assault the journalist. There is no double standard.


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