Pelosi Does Not Want Americans to Know THIS About Jan 6th…


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– Gary Franchi From reports, House Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks told Breitbart News Saturday that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is covering up the “systemic breakdown of security under her watch during the January 6 protests and riots.”

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If only they would be that obsessive about gas prices and the state the country is in. I guess that’s not one of their priorities.

It’s not about not letting people in there it’s about letting people in there so she can blame Donald J Trump or one and only true president and yeah she should be punished for what she has done.

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  1. Yes indeed, Old Nancy was in charge of security that day she was offered more protection but she refused, and to top that there were people in the house the night before with no explanation of why and how. BUT, there was another person guilty of denying the need and use of more security. Washington’s mayor was contacted and urged to have National Guardsmen come in and she did not allow it. Who knows if she and Nancy were in cahoots but from what I have seen, read or heard the mayor is lackluster and as incompetent as the rest of Washington! They can vent, raise hell and blame Trump all they want but the bottom line is there is too much anger and vengence from the dems to ever know all the facts but something stinks about this incident and all the so called information we hear! The swamp is nasty and very active with their evil and it needs to stop or be stopped by true American Patriots and some fresh blood in our nation’s capitol. Start by deporting Soros and his entire family after seizing ALL their assets! Nazis are not needed in America. Sorry, I will try to calm my rage now and not vent anymore, but THINK ABOUT IT! Geez


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