MSNBC reporter floats John Fetterman for president


District Media Group president Beverly Hallberg weighed in after President Biden said he would do nothing differently to change Americans’ opinions on his leadership. #FoxNews


“73% of Americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction, ” …..BUT voted for the same politicians responsible for the wrong direction?”

They told him 75 % of the country hates him and he still said he would do nothing . Unbelievable.


  1. I don’t care what his voters think!!! I still believe it was stolen from the Republicans. OZ was way head and than boom way down smh

  2. Our Michigan election was stolen from Tudor. There is proof that after dark ppl seen dropping off thousands of ballots for Whitmer!!! And you look at Whitmer face like she knew what’s up and the look on her face when they said she won NO SURPRISE

  3. Until we rise up and tell the government that we will no longer vote with those damn corrupted machines that are easily manipulated.
    We need to vote like the third world Afghanistan did with proper ID and thumbprint on each ballet.

    You need an ID to buy alcohol and your damn disputing cigarettes. You need your ID to buy a weapon. Democrats want to cheat by not wanting these things.

    I am not going to vote again because it is not worth my time and energy because the democrats will cheat.

    • well Gunny,…. I must say waaaaa waaaa waaaaahaaaahaaa to you NOT voting,…. If you are so easily defeated, it’s a good thing you are Retired,…. Quitter !
      As the grandfather of a U.S. marine, son, grandson and great-grandson of a sailor, son in law to five generations of marines, father in law to a couple marines,…. Former soldier,…. and nearly seventy year old farmer and Ranch foreman,…. Go back to afghanistan son,…. we need stand-up folks here !

  4. What else did you expect? All the powers have been in denial of the
    voting issue. Did you expect it to change by hocus pocus??? No one
    will touch it or do anything about it…afraid of repercussions against
    them and families. Whether it is individuals, courts, or anyone else!
    It will continue until we are brought to our knees. To late… guts
    no glory age long story. Deal with it……will never change. Just wait
    and see what’s in store…’s what you voted for or allowed

  5. We already have a brain dead moron in the highest office in our land, do you Americans really believe that John (uncle fester) Fetterman is up to the task? Just the stress of the office that Fetterman is in just might make his head explode…along with that mysterious lump on the back of his neck that he’s hiding. Why do you think he wears that hoodie everywhere?

  6. Micro-ScamanipulationNationByCommunism,….
    thinks a guy who cannot even form an intellible answer is fit to be president ?,….
    Well I guess that IS how Senile-joe got there isn’t it ?,….
    We really do NOT need TWO retards in a row for COMRADE COMMISSAR, Slo-JO was plenty for the next few centuries,….
    Elmer Fudderman would not be the best choice,….
    Maybe a Desantis,…. Would be a whole lot better after we get Rid of Dominion Voting machines

  7. If there is just ONE illegal, mis-counted, Not Counted VOTE, it is FRAUD!

    Pure and simple.

    America NEEDS to wake up and GET A CLUE what is going on in the Corrupt and Crooked World! We can’t keep going the way we’re going!

    Get rid of the DEMOCRATS!


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