Joe Biden ‘had an absolute shocker’ this week


US President Joe Biden has shown he “can’t remember who has died … or, indeed, how they passed,” says Sky News host James Morrow.

Mr Morrow referred to a speech Mr Biden made in which he said his son Beau, who died of brain cancer in 2015, “lost his life in Iraq”.

“Joe Biden had an absolute shocker this week,” Mr Morrow said.


I am an American and our country has fallen so far down the rabbit hole that it’s both sickening and fucking scary. We are watching a real time trainwreck.

Why does it take years to talk about charging Hunter yet they can organize to impeach President Trump overnight


  1. The entire democrat party is a scam. The party is run by George soros and Bill gates. Soros is getting even for his father’s defeat in ww2 and gates wants half the population dead.

    Every single individual who defends the democrat party is complete absent of the ability to think.

    Let me ask this: why do you go to work?

    To make money to maintain your life and work toward a better future?

    What does affirmative action, diversity, equity, or paying off other people debts have to do with the reason you go to work?

    If the government takes your money and gives it to people who are not working so they can live as well as you what is your reason for going to work?

    Ultimately every democrat idea leads to the same place. Everyone stops working and society collapses.

  2. Senile Joe: “Hey, you Saudi’s should hold off on raising prices til after the mid-terms. That way, I can screw the American people, but still fool the sheep among them that I’m not doing so.” What a corrupt, lying bastard. Says his son Beau was killed in combat. Is there NOTHING he won’t stoop to?

  3. How long do the american people have to put up with this total,failure and embarrassment, to all of us.This unfit,sick,pathetic,incoherant,deranged,puppet,with stage 3 dementia, has us on the edge of nuclear extermination.This dinosaur and many like others, need to be put out to pasture, they have become useless,like lying, senile,frail,old,puppet,joe.


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