Jan 6 Committee Was Set Up To ‘Kill’ The Republican Party


Fox News host Mark Levin goes after the January 6 Committee for attempting to ‘criminalize’ those who question the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election on ‘Life, Liberty & Levin.’ #foxnews #fox #levin


“We are rapidly approaching an era where people vs government becomes a worldwide phenomenon” – John McAfee

Everyone has to speak up in order for us to remain free because our freedom is under attack.


  1. This extremely HORRIBLE person , nancy pelosi is a reincarnation of , stalin, mao, hitler, pol pot , jim jones, mussolini, all rolled into one. I seriously doubt if there is a hell for her, they will have to invent one just for her, I have never seen nothing like her, and I hope I never will, and she scores 100 points over the other EVIL one still alive, hillary clinton, and maxine waters and elizabeth warren and jackson-lee . There world would be better off without them.

  2. I also believe the J6 Committee’s goal is to destroy the opposition. A one party system will destroy our country. A big concern is this committee is going on 2 years. The Congressmen earn about $160,000 annually PLUS expenses. So all these people have been off the job for nearly 2 years, earning the pay that’s meant for people who are responsible for keeping our country safe. We the people are,during this time, being screwed out of the money we are paying these committee people, and at the same time receiving nothing in the way of management of our Country. The committee members are therefore theives…stealing our tax money for personal reasons.

  3. It is, perhaps, extremely likely that America is approaching a serious civil war. Maybe this is what the left wants? Not a pretty scenario for either “side”, and certainly having serious negative consequences for Americans here at home, and our stance in the world.


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