Hollywood ROCKED After Mark Wahlberg FLEES – Here’s The Reason Why He Left California



Not only are they leaving, they are forming new companies and communities of creative ventures free of woke ideology.

Many of us want to leave California, dems wrecked it!


  1. I don’t even need him to say out loud why he left. It’s so obvious. I’d leave too if I could! California will be happy when all that is left in the state are electric cars, windmills, bears, mountain lions and overgrown vegetation. No people allowed!

  2. i lived in California a # of years ago and it was @ one time a beautiful place to live / visit but over the years with the democrats in charge it has been turned in to a sewer and the biggest cause is the newsome & his auntie pelosi they are the ones to blame & then you get these ppl that continually vote for those ##### then wonder why our California is in the toilet i think its wonderful every time i hear of people moving out of California because they are finally waking up to all the demon democrats are destroying the state with the highest taxes & $ 7.00 per gal 4 gas while the democrats fill their pockets and treat the people like crap then baby & coddle the ILLEGAL AILENS SCREW OVER THE CITIZENS

  3. Help, help, help!!!! So many who voted “WOKE’ in Cali have now realized the stepped in IT. So now they are Californicating Colorado and other once decent states. Colo is now Blue, thanks to the gay first family Polis and his “hubby”… a lifestyle which we are forced to support, agree or not…. Not saying Walburg is woke, or even left wing, but this white exodus is going to ruin America.. The entire West Coast sucks as the Left has ruined every aspect of living there. We are heading for another great division in the USA and now we need to collect in states where we all have the same political affiliation, thanks to the LEFT WING… We are looking at another civil war, or at least a new dividing line behind which we can all be safe and live the way we want.

  4. Yet the California people keep voting for these ass hole Demonrats so they deserve what they get. Come to Tennessee our politicians know how it’s done, just leave your California ideology behind.


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