Finally, Someone Is Calling Out One Of The Biggest Culprits In All Of This



Al Gore is not only an embarrassment to this nation, he’s really embarrassing to the state of Missouri!

I could never beleave a word out of Gore’s mouth never have and never will, it’s liars like him that’s making me sick not the climate.


  1. Wish Algore would smoke the cigarettes his tobacco plantation (which uses slave labor) produces and die of lung cancer.

  2. Al Gore has been part of the population control for years. While using jet fuel to fly him all over the country, just proves there is no climate change problem.
    Our problems are controlled by the sun and the winds, aka, El Nino and El Nina. We’ve always have had eras of extreme drought and extreme cold, long before cars and factories.
    We, as humans, have created our own problems by over fishing and polluting waters and oceans, by allowing the government to tell us when and what we can farm, controlling our water, our fuel, our food., while lining their pockets with tax payers livelihood.
    Allowing corrupt politicians to keep certain political offices for 20, 30 years or more.
    They are corrupt. Money and greed has become their God and we little people are just bugs to be squashed under their feet.
    They will promise you the moon to get your vote and then laugh like a hyena when you vote for them.
    They don’t care about us. Never have and never will. You are just a means to keep them in office. To rule your lives and keep you under their thumbs, like the good little slaves that you are. Yes. Slavery still exist, just in a different form, that many are too blind to see it for what it really is. Do what we say or else lose your job, your home, your family, your friends….
    And AL Gore is a slave to his masters … all for fame, greed, money …


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