College: Destroying a Generation to Save the Parents’ Ego…


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Charlie Kirk
– Charlie Kirk Exposes College for the SCAM that it Is

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The trades is where it is at. I basically got paid to learn how to become a machinist. No debt for a degree. I am now working for a big aerospace company making about 90k a year.

I lost my middle daughter after I sent her to Florida State. She was taught to hate her parents, her family, God and her country and now lives in Oregon; works for the state. She hasn’t spoken to her parents in 10 years and only speaks to her sister once a year, on her birthday. My oldest daughter went to community college for her AA degree and then got a massage therapy license and is making 50 K year. She loves her parents; family and country. My youngest is not going to college, her choice. She doesn’t want the debt. She works as a manager at a 5 star restaurant making 60K a year. She loves God; her country; has a fiancée and talks to her parents every day.

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