Chinese EMP Attack Imminent? Is Biden’s Silence On The Spy Balloon A Sign Of Betrayal?



This country needs strong leadership; thus NEVER would have happened if Trump were in office!!

This would never happen with Trump! The Biden admin is a disaster!!!


  1. It’s not Right wing to believe in solid borders, energy independence, fighting a war only as last resort and to believe Biden is THE WORST since GW Bush.

    Biden seems to be controlled by elements intent on destruction of our country. If we make it to 2024 intact, Biden and his ilk (including enabling Rs) must be defeated. If not, it’s curtains for our country.

  2. EMP Attack, EMP Attack? If those Commie Bastards do that then it is an an act of war and should be dealt with swift and decisive response. My only fear is the compromised Commander and Thief will just sit back and say they didn’t mean it and say I will take care of it. Oh God! yeah right.
    Impeach the entire Democrat higher ups. They are all traitors and need to face a firing squad.

  3. They may think they have totally crippled us with an EMP but they can’t get all the Naval Submarines all across the globe, just saying.

  4. WE are following in the footsteps of the UK… Huge, wealthy, complacent and arrogant in the idea that we have been and will remain untouchable and a major force on the globe . WAKE THE HELL UP!!!! We have been a sleeping giant for decades, starting after WWII.. Benevolently handing out money, weapons, support, jobs to those nations who DESPISE us, like that will win their loyalty.. Ha!. Sleeping, fat, corrupt at the top and out of shape and unaware and now? They are coming for us.. banning together.. Iran manufacturing and sending drones to Russia, China blatantly and actively INVADING us,, lil’ Kim of N. Korea constantly giving us the finger by firing rockets all over the place., And Biden sits there with his finger up his …… eating ice cream, falling off his bike and babbling at the podium like he has early Alzheimer’s. Selling us out to Mexico, China, Canada, the Eastern nations and crapping in our faces… Go Brandon.


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