Black Man RAMS AND KILLS White Man While Screaming About White Privilege



It’s scary how you can’t show these “anti-racists” how racist they really are, when it leads to situations like this

Literally an accountant driving a Lexus calling another guy privileged. The accountant is a money-changer while the ER was a doctor that saved people in emergencies. The doctor was riding a bike to stay healthy while a materialistic self-centered guy is mad he isn’t making more money, blames it on race, and uses his privileged rich silver-spoon brand car to run over someone just living his life.
Always stay vigilante and be ready to defend yourself.


  1. Every black person in America owes every white person reparations for their oppression of white people $700000 person white person should call it even.

  2. Blacks should be thanking whites for not sending them back to Africa after the Civil War. Thanks to white men they wrote the 14th Amendment. I don’t own a Lexis you black racist.

  3. Not a hate crime because the thug was black. Maybe he felt empowered after the 17 year old plowed down a mother and baby a few weeks ago and the state let him go. Yep, he was black too.

  4. Exactly what the main stream media and democrats want is to push those on the edge of dissolution to take their problems out on anyone weather it’s religion, race, or sexual. Which is to divide Americans and conquer and turn us all into slaves of the government. True communism.

    • The majority of black people I got stuck with in the Army were racists. Yes, there were some decent ones, and I had formed some really good friendships with the decent ones. The ghetto rats were a POS and only screwed up the military with their racist blabbering!

  5. Another product of the Democrats Crime Organization’s indoctrination and pandering to every loser, slacker, professional victim and social leech in the country. No one deserves reparations because the only race or social victims in this country are victims of their own tendency to blame everyone but themselves for their own laziness, ineptitude or feeling society owes them something. Each and every person is in control of their own course in life and if they squander opportunity it is their own fault. Race, religion, ethnicity and social level have nothing to do with it.

  6. Right here is what happens when the white masters work up their slaves. Why ??? No one knows the real reason tho. You get your racist whites and blacks working together for the power of corruption. They work up the fools that belive what they say. And here is the results of their actions. They kill for the hate their told to have by racist fools for the power. A racist ranting about being a racist because of the color of one’s skin. Explain again, who’s the real racist here.


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