Biden Stumbles at the Teleprompter Again… 


Image from video below…

GOP War Room
– President Joe Biden stumbled as he read from the teleprompter and said he’s working to save families “mothers,” during his remarks on inflation at the Port of Los Angeles in California on 6/10/2022.

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I feel much better now that Joe is working on fixing the problems. Thank you Joe

Ol Gramps does not give a f—- about our families

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  1. When hasn’t Joey O’ Biden not SCREWED up at the Teleprompter. China Joey is known as the King of the Teleprompters Screw-Up’s ! China Joey has Screwed Up at the Teleprompter as must as he has done to the Country and the World.. Face it Joey R. Biden is just a TOTAL Screw Up ! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  2. And still they put him up there … what the hell did they think would happen ??? How many times now he failed at this ??? Old Joe went by by in his mind and they still expect something good will come from this . Who’s the bigger idoit here ???


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