Biden Family THREATENS Hunter Biden’s Laptop Repairman



Protect the repairman at all costs!

That poor guy, he did the right thing and will have to deal with this crap forever.


    • He should be in jail for treason, breaking our laws, and god knows he has blood on his hands! He should resign or get impeached…..your choice Joe!

  1. Once you leave a thing at a pawn dealer or repair store after 60 to 90 days it is NO!! longer yours. Why didn’t he go get it before the time was up? How did he get away with buying a gun when he lied on the application? Was he charged in tgat crime? Why would you put that type on a laptop that anyone can hack?

    • Because he is a drug addict, and a democRAT! Those folks don’t think like we intelligent people do! His father is a moron, he is a moron and Jill is a moron! Entire family are morons!

  2. Oh man watch out, the senile old man is pissed all over, he smells to. If only he was that tough against China, the Taliban, Putin, against all of America’s enemies. Actually he and his corrupt administration and party hate us Americans. He is the enemy in our midst.

    • The best way to destroy America is to elect a Dumbocrap.

      Then again, the Republicans are a bunch of TOTAL IDIOTS with their views on raping the environment, and women’s reproductive rights.

      Woe be America. What’s a mother to do?

  3. Hey, the got the Kennedy brothers decades ago, with no or little technology, so ,,, how hard is it to get a blue collar repairman in this magic age? Americans are NOT safe. We need to document and film everything, save all paperwork, cover our a—–ses…. We are not free anymore to speak up, protect ourselves or own anything… They are pushing socialism down our throats and up our butts.. They need to be exposed and taken down. Even the Founders saw this coming. They wrote the Constitution to contain it, but, it was not the tech age that they never imagined.

  4. If you didn’t get your item being repaired on certain dates, isn’t it the right of the company to either re-sell it or it becomes theirs?


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