Are Our Republican Leaders Hiding Under The Bed?


President Biden loves to tell Americans about the ‘amazing’ job growth our economy has seen under his administration — like how in June, apparently, nearly 400 thousand new jobs were created. But that’s a blatant manipulation of the truth. In this clip, Glenn explains exactly how the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks employment and how the Biden Administration is ignoring a REALLY important statistic so they can continue to deny our current recession. In fact, many of the ‘created’ jobs actually reflect Americans working more than one job just to make ends meet..,the Biden Administration just hopes you’re too lazy and stupid to discover the truth.


Is it just me or are our Republican Leaders hiding under the bed !! My goodness Senator’s stand up for your party and your People !!!!

Actually, I was told companies are getting paid to say they are hiring… They are not actually hiring!


  1. Actually Glen what we’re seeing is the uniparty members being outed. It’s going to be ugly before it’s over but very necessary.

  2. I hate to say it,but I have never seen such a bunch of spineless,repukes that won’t stand up or say against anything, that these radical,dumbocrap commies are pulling on the American people. Inflation, and gas is killing us and repukes let these commies spend another trillion, and try to tell us this will reduce our deficit, with a stupid inflation reduction bill,u must think were all fkg stupid.We need to vote all these commie dumbocraps and rhino repukes from our new banana republic government.

    • That is just the tip of the iceberg. They wont stand up for Cops, freedom of Speech, border control. limit land purchase by foreign hostile entities, like China… We are being run over by a bunch of WOKE Peter Pan idiots who will never grow up, use common sense or grow a set. The world is laughing at us, while they quietly take over our country. What will Peter and Tinker Bell do then?


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