You Will NOT Believe What Stacy Abrams Says About the Bible…


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GOP War Room
– Democrat Stacey Abrams said, “the Bible is nothing but a political thriller,” during an interview on the “The Daily Stoic” podcast with Ryan Holiday on 4/23/2022.

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I’m sure her parents are proud, she didn’t learn anything from them.

I’m sure she also believes that nutritional facts on Twinkies aren’t real…

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    • Yes you are correct. Ms Abrams is a former raw porn star who got too large to play that gig. She also wrote filthy romance paper back stories. In the Democratic Party her qualifications suit the party platform. On the same thought process being a former bartender one day and then a U S Congressmen the next day is not a bridge too far for Democrats!

  1. First she said our State of GEORGIA was the “WORST STATE IN THE COUNTRY”, now she has gone on to BLASPHEME the Holy Bible! Georgia doesn’t need her AND our Country doesn’t need her, period! Perhaps her birth state of Wisconsin would like her back, eh?

    • I am pleased to learn Stacey is from Wisconsin and not Georgia. Now I know why she is big as a 9 month pregnant Holstein and not a petite Georgia Peach. A great number of my Wisconsin friends would vote for a Cow Pie before they would vote for Stacey.

  2. She sucks and is headed to hell she knows the truth and has denied it bet her parents are questioning what they raised just proves that the devil is alive and doing very well I can’t and won’t Judge because she’s a lost sheep 🐑

  3. Is she still alive ??? Dang , thought she passed away . Guess God’s not going to help her and it looks like the devil is waiting to see what else she has going on. All I see is another waste of life that just can’t get anything right . So she keeps crying about everything . Kind of like Hillary alway does , she can’t win one for the gripper either

  4. Hey!! Be nice! She is special …. She is a minority and feels the right to have these “ weird “ expressions. She is from the “ woke” generation where she wants her school paid for and to be honest she really wants her food to be free as well!! So be nice!

  5. Yes Stacey your are so right. The Bible is a political thriller. Maybe you should read it. It does contain thrilling reading and give us question and answers to our existence. I’m not sure you are a candidate to be a believer in God or a believer in satanic guidance. Most democrats fall into satanic way of life. This has become the guidance for our so called President. I hope some day you’ll wake up and realise how wrong your thinking is. Bless you Stacey and stay away from electrical outlets!!!!!

  6. Thw woman who no longer likes Georgia, but it looks like Georgia has feed her well anyway,Hunter Biden’s Prostitute Got a Fat Check from Joe Biden This is what democrats do piss away your tax dollars on their corruption, too fxxxing cheap to pay for their own hookers, just like the tax payers were fxxxed out of their tax dollars for his sea shore home to the tune of a half million dollars for a wall.Corruption and fxxxing cheap reports, A prostitute who appeared to be one of First Son Hunter Biden’s favorites according to his infamous laptop reportedly received over $20,000 in stimulus money shortly after Joe Biden took office.


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