White House Apologizes To Trans Community After They Kill Christian Kids



Imagine being SO privileged as a group that even when you commit child murder you are still somehow the real victim.

Let’s apologize to a community that is disappointed the head count wasn’t bigger. This administration is shameful.


  1. Kids?…oh, way more than kids… They are like BLM. Here in Colorado it was another TRANS named Aldrich, who shot up a gay club , appropriately, Club Q, and killed five people. He/she came in body armor ready to slaughter, sooo when handing out sympathy to the freaks, realize that they , like their bro’s are killing each other. McKinney, here in Denver was trans who killed one student while wounding 8. Mosley in Aberdeen Rite-Aid and shot six. Nobody died but she was ? homo. So DO NOT apologize for me, Bimboon,,,,, I am not sorry nor am I sympathetic to some freak who feels that their problems warrant the deaths of the innocent.

  2. Our government has turned into evil. The trans serial killer is not the victim the victims are the babies who were murdered point blank and the teachers who tried to save them. Stop with this garbage.

  3. What the BRAIN DEAD President and his henchmen should be doing is APOLOGIES to the family members who lost their children and adults instead of apologizing to a bunch of LOSERS

  4. Just when you think the democrats can’t get any stupider, they come through again with a bigger idoit idea. Funny they didn’t try to say it was a republican Trans that did this cause Trump told him to. All but 3 years out of office and after the democrats stopped everything Trump set up to help the people. The democrats still try to blame trump for all their failures caused by their bad decisions.

  5. Just shows that when dummycrats like Biden and Pelosi say they are Catholic they are LIARS! There is a special place in hell for these piles of raw sewage.


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