When She Said Biden Is Doing A Good Job, I Almost Choked Laughing


MSNBC highlighted myriad complaints Joe Biden voters have with his administration’s performance thus far. It has not been a full two years since Biden’s inauguration and his approval rating is…


That lady saying that he’s doing well given what he stepped into… she’s a reason this country has gone down the shitter. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but she believes it and will vote for it no matter what. I hate that so much.

When she said Biden is doing a good job, i almost choked laughing


  1. What has China done for the United States ? Steal our technology, Buy our farm land, ship into Mexico for delivery to the US, all the fentanal they can make, China gets our oil reserves Why? Biden owes China? What is it? Hunter? Americans owe China nothing. Last thing we received was poison pet food, leaded paint toys, fxxxed up drywall, the virus. We should not be supporting them with reserve oil, paid for with their slave labor profits.Because Joe and hunter Biden are compromised with their China corruption does not mean we should stand by and let our Country sold out from under us. Midterm’s are near vote them out ,keep them out, make them return all monies made illegally and then have them jailed for all the federal laws they broke.

  2. I kid you not when I tell you that the majority of those belonging to what is known as “the greatest generation” would be rolling in their graves to watch what Joe and his administration is doing to this country. HOW could anyone think that he’s doing a good job? She must have been talking about the fact that he was able to get out of bed today. Good job POTUS.

  3. These Biden voters are the problem.. not smart enough to know that this puppet is not Presidential material. Even Obama, thought he was an idiot.

  4. The fact is most liberals / democrats / progressives are just not very bright. They lack the ability to see the big picture and go through the steps to get to the little picture.

    Becuase it is so difficult for them to look at the system as a whole they resort to feelings as a alternative to facts.

    The result is incredibly stupid people like this woman and the entire biden administration.

    We need to require voter id to vote and to get a voter id you shoukd have to pass an iq test and an economics test.

  5. Yeah he’s doing a good job in destroying this country. She reminds me of Buckwheat from the little rascals. At least Buckwheat had a brain.


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