What is Really Going On? Pelosi’s Husband Appears on RuPaul’s Drag Show


Image from video below…

Russell Brand – Nancy Pelosi appeared “RuPaul’s Drag Race” over the weekend to express her support for the drag community – and encourage Americans to vote.

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Take money out of politics and you’ll see a lot less criminals in office. Thank you Russell! And take care everyone!

I’m always utterly befuddled when certain demographics of people allow themselves to be so clearly and cynically exploited. I’m at peak befuddlement, really.

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  1. Joe thinks thinks he has been elected king, WTF, when the impeachment hearing start, lets see just how much king bidenhas to have say about corruption.America has never elected kings, the oath of office taken is to protect and serve, we do not have kings anointed in this country and never will, hope the democrats understand that.

  2. I believe a lot of these were what they now support except stayed behind closed doors. Notice how they applaud anything and everything done/said by them. I am indifferent to what others do with their lives as long as they stay out of mine


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