Watch Joe Biden Embarrass Himself As He Contradicts Himself On This Issue


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of Joe Biden and other Democrats making it clear that they will break the rules if they don’t get what they want. Joe Biden is now pushing to end the filibuster. While it is often referred to as the nuclear option, it wasn’t always viewed as a good thing. Joe Biden actually denounced the ending of the filibuster as a power grab when Republicans threatened to do it.


They want to end the filibuster…but I PROMISE you, the moment that action benefits Republicans…they will call for it to be reinstated…

Does anyone want to tell him that SCOTUS already said that it was a matter for the states, not congress?


  1. Biden family corruption continues,China gets our oil reserves? What does Biden owe China? What are the bidens on the hook for?, big guy iies, Americans owe China nothing. Last thing we received was poison pet food, lead painted toys ,fxxxed up dry and the virus that they have yet to admit too. Our emergency reserves being paid for by slave labor profits. ANOTHER HUNTER BROKER DEAL?

  2. Yes, it is another Hunter Biden deal. Hunter secured a $1.5 billion U.S. deal through his private equity firm from the State-Owned Bank of China while Joe was vice-president. He even flew on Air Force One to make the deal. ILLEGAL!

  3. I am laughing at this Joke of a puppet President. The truth will rise up every time but it will be too late as Hunter, the Uncle and Joke Biden will be vacationing on an island scot free of any crime.

  4. The biggest problem with poopypants senile Joe is that he’s too stupid to realize he embarrassed himself on anything, even the time he crapped his pants at a meeting with several world leaders.

  5. The US is being paid for oil sales by China with slave labor profits, are the bidens being paid from the same? So… the president’s reprobate crackhead son is invested in a company that is buying our strategic reserves, while we’re paying more than $5 a gallon at the pump.Turner charged, “This is disturbing on multiple levels. To start with, the president told us he was releasing these reserves to lower the price of gas nationally,Treason or corruption or both?


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