Trump Announces HUGE Presidential News… It’s About To Rock the Country



God bless President Donald J Trump and God bless America

Never doubted for a second. Greatest President ever!!


  1. Personally I don’t care for Trumps arrogance but professionally I think he showed us that he was and can be the best President ever. His way of doing business may be discretionary but he’s one tough SOB who gets things done and his concern for the American people seems real. I’m all in for putting him back in office.

  2. I agree, would be wonderful if he had a filter and maybe think before open mouth (sometimes). Our country was in great shape and the world paid attention to the USA and realized that we are strong and powerful when needed.

  3. If I were a billionaires son with yes men all around me I’d probably be arrogant too but what should matter is the outstanding job as President he did and uncovering the corrupt ws a bonus!

    • His Father was not close to a billionaire. Trump took his portion of the inheritance and turned it into billions. Trump’s brother and sister got the same shares and are worth several million. Trump was a brilliant business guy who concerted his name and vision of excellence in his projects into a global brand. No small thing.

  4. The greatest president of my 74 years!! I was a Democrat for 42 years would never be a yellow back Republican, I am a conservative independent, 1 of 74,000,000 PLUS AMERICAN PATRRIOT Independent!!! Go Trump and pick your friends closely, Most Republicans are NOT YOUR FRIENDS!!!!! Go Trump no one else including DeSantis!! ( good VP)

    • I agree. Trump was fearless, clever, a relentless and clear message handler. People complain about his Tweets but the Tweets were the only counter he had to a national and global media that was furiously against America First. I like DeSantis and to a lesser degree respect some of the other Republicans but Trump is a proven promise-keeper unlike any President of my long lifetime including the great Reagan. Trump weathered a storm that almost every Republican would have cowered to and came back harder as the storm. Reminds me of the saying that a Democrat said to Trump “we will send a great storm against you” and Trump replied “I am the storm” 🙂 Trump succeeded with great policies and leadership – deregulation, tax reduction and reform, trade treaty renegotiation, border control, energy independence, reindustrialization, using tariffs to curtail Chinese cheating, and also with creativity – raising private government partnership to solve COVID-19 problems with ventilators, masks, vaccines, treatments, hospital beds etc. Lots of Republicans talked about these things going back to Eisenhower in my experience but only Trump actually did it. So NONE of the other candidates are in the same league as Trump in my opinion. If some medical or personal issue causes Trump to decide not to run I would back DeSantis but it would be a major step down from Trump. Far better would be a Trump-DeSantis ticket followed by two DeSantis terms – twelve years to reverse the deep state, the deficits, the horrible Biden/Woke policies and return America to leadership of the 21st Century.

  5. What Trump did or has done is a misdemeanor compare to what was done by someone that was started decades ago and is still ongoing. Destruction of our country is being done and unless we vote to get it going the other way, we will be a third world country in a couple of years.


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