Top Biden Official ADMITS Biden Has LOST HIS MIND


This is epic.


That Congressman from Texas is awesome. All the GOP reps in Congress should learn from him and do exactly what he did in this session.

I love it. Feed their condescending words right back down their smug throats!


  1. You can’t believe biden the democrats they want power to line their pockets, this is why they have America last and China first as their policy,look no futher then the bidens and pelosi family, for traitor wealth, Mayorkas , pawn to fxxx up our country, illegal’s enter our Country, stop there invasion Look wants returned to the United States ” POLIO” thanks biden.

  2. The hole Democratic party is trying to hold on to their jobs. And it does not matter whether they exploit Biden or not, just to keep holed of their power. This is a real sad day in America. Bidens hole cabinet is a joke. The whole world is laughing at us.

  3. Damn, how can a case be made when comments are such poor grammar that they appear to be made by pre-teens, not adults?

  4. The trouble with our country is: The leader is a fruit cake! The party is a greedy bunch of a-holes, The president and his family are on drugs, the VP is dumb as a box of rocks, the speaker of the house is to damn old to make decisions, the Secretary of the Treasury can’t figure out why we are in a economic crisis and the advice given Biden by former president Obama is a bunch of sh*t! This is the worst political administration in the history of our country. Now for some good news. A change is coming this fall!!

  5. Proud of my Rep Troy Nehls.
    Biden IS a disgrace. He along with the Democrats, and some enabling putrid RINO’s have betrayed this country.

  6. are you democrats so proud of you voter fraud president. That was so smart of you to commit massive voter fraud.

  7. All true, but the scariest thing is that he is still the president of the USA and can cause a war with whoever he chooses. He has no problem visiting other countries and no telling what he is telling them and agreeing to behind our congress, senators and supreme courts back.

  8. Did I say something wrong PAD that you didn’t print my comment? I only was agreeing with what the video was showing.

  9. History all threwout the ages has had their Bidens and those that put them in power had an agenda that they hid behind. We really don’t know what the real agenda is, only the obvious they show us but these politicians are not stupid and know very well how stupid Biden looks.We the people had better straighten this out quick or we’ll end up as slaves to an agenda we have never seen before in America as she slides into past history to be examined by history books study in a hundred years and afterward much like we do the Roman Empire and others that fell after being so dominate.


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