THIS Is What the Queen Doesn’t Want You to Know


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Russell Brand
– The Queen’s Jubilee was commemorated around the world this weekend, but do the celebrations mask a reality of a monarchy that through its immense wealth and legal protections is incompatible with the values of a democracy?

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Have you ever known that “House of Windsor” was originally the German “House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha” which King George V renamed from in 1917 due to bad PR when UK and Germany were at war…In fact, the royal families of several european countries fighting in WW1 were close relatives. They all sent their subjects to be killed by the millions instead of negotiating their stuff out. Quite disturbing and I’m no fan of monarchies in any country. Like your video a lot, Russell, you’re asking the right questions.

“I have respect for people who serve in the military” I honor and respect the brave young men and women that serve, I am pissed off at the people that keep sending them to die in conflicts we don’t belong in.

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  1. The Best thing for the UK ( in my opinion) would be to DE-FUND the spoiled little children in the house of windsor and kick then all out on their LAZY ASRES , Queen included. and give then once only 1,000,000 pounds and say do not send it all in one place, and good riddance to the FEATHER BEDDERS.


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