This Is The Dumbest Statement Ever Said In The History Of Politics!



As someone who “identifies” as a Mexican taco, I’m deeply offended by Jill’s remarks.

Dr. Fauxi and Dr. Biden proves that anyone can get a doctorate, but not everyone is blessed with a brain.


  1. Joe Biden President, loves this Country so much he does not want to see his fellow Americans hurting over high gasoline cost, high energy cost, shortages, have decided to take the risk of our Nations National Security and use our National Reserve oil to lower gas prices at the pump. Mr. President, Hunter is on the line, say what, will have to ship that oil to China instead, what about your promise to the American people. The world would like an answer to that question.

  2. Just think about this, dr.jill is supposed to be an educator, we have dumb and dumber running this country over a cliff. We need to get rid of these phony puppets,installed by the deep state. U can’t fix stupid,period. We are in danger of America being destroyed, by people who have totally lost there marbles.Wake up America.

    • But, but! Isn’t a “Dr. of Edumacation” a highly, super-duper “trained” specialist in the field- with the knowledge and expertise to cure all this country’s educational ills? (smirk!) We’ve been lied to!

  3. Let’s send a few gallons to Russia too. I bet the nature boy has ties to someone there also.He probably has a prostitute who knows someone who needs oil.

  4. If there is or was anymore corrupt government in America i would like to know! Biden and horse face Harris could not run a dog fight with rabid dogs and the Republicans are not much better!! Trump is not a Republican, people like Graham, McConnell, others, knife him ever chance they get! Trump is our new American Patriot Party President. Our only hope of recovery and they all for personal wealth will stab and accuse him of anything so he can not win! BUT! BUT we all see through their smoke and he will rise out of the ashes and lead us back to sanity and America First!! 1 of 74,000,000 Ultra MEGA, American Patriot, red, yellow, black, white ready to right the ship with anything and everything to rise again!!!! Go Trump!!

  5. I’m an Mexican American from El Paso, Tx and I know white people who speak Spanish perfectly well. Jill is a “pendeja,” she wishes she had an authentic spicy taco. Then they want to change what they actually say, when that’s not what they meant. Great timing Jill, shortly before the Midterms. Latino voters will not forget this now nor come the Midterms, even going into 2024.

  6. Just remember, it’s her job to point old Joe in the right direction. Kind of like the blind leading the blind. Yep we’re in good hands here. Cant wait to see what they have planned next. God help us. Or can’t I say that anymore. Oh well I did anyways


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