Something Criminal is Brewing a Mile Outside the US Capitol


Image from video below…

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– Gary Franchi From reports, A crime wave sweeping across many major liberal cities in the US has finally hit just one mile from the US Capitol Building. A new video posted on Twitter shows a group of shoplifters stealing supplies from a Giant Food grocery store. The store is located on H Street NE, just one mile from the U.S. Capitol Building.

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The one thief returned to the store and attacked employees with a chain. That’s a new level of crime. Employees need to concealed carry a handgun to protect themselves.

If thieves know you carry a gun, this kind of crime would be greatly reduced. Concealed carry should be legal and easiily obtainable in all states.

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  1. joe biden international joke at the G7 conferance looking to protect NATO borders, when everyone there is laughing their asses off, that he can’t even protect his own US borders.Now we find out covid monies were redirected for other democrat BS programs

  2. America this man is Sick.Put him in a home where he stop hurting innocent people. John


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