Something Criminal is Brewing a Mile Outside the US Capitol


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– Gary Franchi From reports, A crime wave sweeping across many major liberal cities in the US has finally hit just one mile from the US Capitol Building. A new video posted on Twitter shows a group of shoplifters stealing supplies from a Giant Food grocery store. The store is located on H Street NE, just one mile from the U.S. Capitol Building.

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The one thief returned to the store and attacked employees with a chain. That’s a new level of crime. Employees need to concealed carry a handgun to protect themselves.

If thieves know you carry a gun, this kind of crime would be greatly reduced. Concealed carry should be legal and easiily obtainable in all states.

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  1. shoplifting should be the same a looting and SHOT on SIGHT, and most of these shoplifters have jobs, and have money, even if their money comes from drugs,

  2. Law abiding citizens wouldn’t even have to consider arming themselves when they leave their homes if our government enforced our laws. If our current laws weren’t being intentionally ignored, our boarders would be secure, the hands of our police wouldn’t be tied (it’s now ILLEGAL in Chicago for a police officer to engage in a foot chase with a suspected criminal), convicted criminals wouldn’t be let out of jail before serving their sentence, shoplifters would be prosecuted as would other lawbreakers, and recommended sentencing guidelines would be followed. The laws are in place and would work if it weren’t for the government, who are the REAL CRIMINALS!!!!

  3. Just look at the demographics of the criminals doing these crimes and your answer is plain. The justice warriors say that minorities are disproportionately incarcerated. Well hell, so do the crime and you owe the time.

  4. Baseball bats come in handy to make looters drop their booty.
    Lock all doors, only One way in & out. A hefty employee
    with a bat & one to check receipts. Put up a warning sign.
    Anyone crashing the line, Boom! Go for the knees,
    Will be a lot less expensive than the stolen merch.
    Probably won’t have to hit anyone.

  5. LOOTING is an english diplomacy word for :- STEALING. ROBING, THIEVING aka TEEFING. Only in America, and mostly in Democratic run cities & States, are these wicked & cruel atrocities are being allowed to flourish. Thanks too Joe B & his team of nincompoops who are running, (excuse me) ruining our once great country. This sort of decay will never happen in any other civilized society. In some Islamic countries they will chop your hands off for stealing, I am not condoning such severe punishment, but for God’s sake ” reinforce the police” and give them the tools too apprehend these low-lives in our country, Also get rid-off all the no-good for-nothing prosecutors & judges NOW, and for those legislators who are involved in “go fund me bail outs” for criminals, throw them all out for participating in destroying America & American citizens.

  6. Well of course. When democrats are in charge everything gets screwed up.

    Name one thing that is not a mess right now.


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