She’s Now FORCED To Admit The Truth!!!



What she meant to say is that it is now only a problem when it makes it from Arizona and Texas to the place that is causing the actual problem.

They will NEVER admit they are hypocrites. They will lie and gaslight as they always do.


  1. Why is it only a problem for her and not for the border states that are being overwhelmed by all the illegal immigrants that are being allowed to flood into their states? It’s about time those safely situated blue states had a taste of what their reckless, illegal legislative pandering for votes is costing states that are actually law abiding. Perhaps then they will understand (that’s probably asking too much.)

  2. The big issue is these people are asking for the FBI to help,, and they(FBI)are the mob, the FBI needs help, better yet, you can not take crooks and repair them, like repairing stupid .. you can not…. The FBI has got so corrupted, no repairing it at all,, you will have crooks firing crooks,, who has the upper hand.. Lot of this goes back to our leaders in the white house, corrupted, Pelosi,, Skippy, Schumer (scum) and many more, now the next bad thing going to happen is food, all because of bad leader ship,, look in the bible at the bad nations that turned to the devil’s ways,,, that fell, its sure to happen,, What good do you get out of one country killing another , to bads,, would have been better to had come together and worked out the problems, together,(than fighting), but no, we have to kill, the works of the devil, goes back to devil leaders, running these countries*(Nations)(Russia,putin),

    Remember, God Loves You,

  3. Because Liberals hate everything about Republicans and think Everything should be put in Republican Run States. And what ever the Republicans think best for Country the
    DemoRats think otherwise. That’s Why Governor Abbott is doing it his way to make FAIR & SQUARE for ALL Us. Lol ! IF , GOV. ABBOTT had it his way EVERY BLUE STATE would have 10X more of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS going to Each BLUE State.


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