She Doesn’t Care. She’s Not Sorry.


First Lady Jill Biden has apologised after comparing the Latino community to “breakfast tacos” during a speech this week which unleashed a flood of criticism – including likening President Joe Biden to a “shell”.SHOW MORE


She doesn’t care. She’s not sorry. That is how she thinks of us.

So the “doctor” couldn’t apologize herself? I’m sure she’s too busy doctoring Brandon so he doesn’t start loosing limbs.


  1. Not one Latino is buying your sorry ass apology you fake first lady. Right now your corrupt family and your weak ass husband are flying high and mighty, but time is coming when you will fall down and hard. Then we’ll see if you will be grinning. You wish you could taste an authentic Mexican style taco, sorry that you are the wife of joke Biden. FJB also means FK Jill Biden!

  2. TACO THIS, Big city democrat Mayors crying for more Federal FUNDS
    “your tax dollars” to support the over crowed shelters homeless, sound familiar?How about this two million illegal’s are walking our streets no jobs, no money, no food, no shelter, no cars, drugged out, committing crimes, are they the homeless the democrats are crying over? Who is keeping the count? The biden open border future for America is as bad as the democrat double standard they continue to enjoy while in power. Don’t you think it’s time for a change? No one believes biden and the democrats any more, their lack of leadership, honesty, has caused the problems we now face as Americans, Vote them out, mid terms.

  3. What stupidity from these hypocritical,dumbocraps.U just can’t fix stupid.They are all drinking the same kool=aid,TDS kool=aid, that makes them crazy,as a loon. No cure.

  4. It’s flat embarrassing for her to say that. But what else do you expect? Basement Biden said you aren’t black if you didn’t vote for him. I think the only way to stop corruption in Washington and Judiciary System is to be held accountable.
    Any government official or judicial system personal that is lying, being bias, disobeying a President, makes money off stock market, uses the government for personal reasons and thinks they are above the law should
    1-removed from security clearance
    2-give the government all your earnings from the market
    3-never be allowed to work in government again
    4-forfeit their retirement
    5-striped of any license they hold
    Any other government employee who aided and abetted in any of the above
    1-same as above but also can never work in media
    Those who stated defund the police
    1-remove security detail and make them give their salary for the last three years to law enforcement
    Anyone doing fraudulent actions on an election
    1-prison for up to 20 years
    Protesters like antifa and BLM destroying communities
    1-name, photo and address be put on air
    2-work to pay back those communities you destroyed
    3-pay for the care of those officers they harmed
    Any teacher not doing their job no matter the grade
    1-teaching license revoked, no retirement or pay period
    Those teaching children about sex
    1-prison for 25 years
    Judicial system where biased is on top of agenda, don’t do the job you were elected to do (like Flynn)
    1-removed from bench and debarred
    2-never be able to work in a government job or judicial job ever again
    Those who lie to congress
    1-lose their job and pay
    2-receive no retirement
    3-prison for 25 years
    Any organization like Military, FBI, CIA and others don’t do their job right
    1-removed with no benefits at all
    2-can never work in government again
    3-loses security clearance
    Anyone who leaks to anyone
    1-prison for treason
    I could go on but you get what I am saying. Until they are all held accountable from former President Clinton, Bush, Obama clear down to the corrupt Capital police we the people will keep taking names and their crimes. Truth will prevail.


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