RIGHT Before Biden’s Big Speech, Americans Send Joe a BRUTAL Message He Can’t Ignore



The country was better off 4 years ago 1. No war 2. No money to foriegn nations 3. Closed border

This man gives us the chills. Very scary and not believable anything he says.


  1. This is sick and frightening. Joe Biden is a divider in chief. What someone needs to explain to him is the word Fascism, it’s HIM!! He has deliberately ruined our economy, closed down the country, embarrassed us on an international level, and let’s not forget how he has WEAPONIZED the DOJ, FBI, IRS, etc… Last but not least he and his family are in bed with China, Iran and probably half are enemies.

    • I agree. Xiden ‘has deliberately ruined our economy…’, but I would go further and say the entire Democrat-Communist Party and RINOs gave him help to ruin things.

  2. Yes this president is the divider in chief. Obama and Biden tried to destroy our nation in 2008-2016 and now they are back with a vengeance with the help and finances from Soros! This entire admin is evil!

    • Marie, not just help from Soros. George Soros is calling the shots and they’re going down the chain of command from Soros, a known Nazi from WW2, to Obama, his second in command to Biden. I’m not sure what Biden would be in the chain of command. If you’re too young to know it, Soros watched his entire family shipped of from Hungary to a German concentration camp. He then immediately went to Germany and joined Hitler’s Nazi party. What I’d like to know is how he got so much money.

  3. Hidenbiden,just like obuthead, 3rd term,with the same people,have done everything possible to destroy America.Both were traitors, and we need to get rid of this traitor,immediately.We know the the FBI and big tech admitted they interfered in the election, time to put our real president back in office. And impeach this fake,phony,bunch of traitors.ULTRAMAGA are coming to save our country.

  4. Unfortunately, Joe Biden has become a very strange dude! If you agree with his policies, he loves you. If you disagree with his policies, he wants to take you behind the gym and physically beat you and others like you into submission!

  5. I am 74 and would love for him to take me behind the shed!! I hate his policies and all Democrats that believe in the Democrat Platform! I hate the Yellow Back RINO Republicans! Would also like McConnell to take me back there!

  6. Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela are enjoying the demise of
    the once powerful country. Our forefathers maybe churning in their Graves. History teaches us that many great nations have risen too extreme hights, yet due to basic neglectfulness of it’s people, they have all fallen into the depth of uncanny worthlessness


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