Reporter SLAMS WH Press Sec For Trying To Blame The Border Crisis On Donald Trump


She went off.


She/he/it is such an embarrassment to this country. She’s not even good at lying.

The important thing is how many additional illegals cross the southern border every day. Not how many additional public officials there are to favor and facilitate illegal migration.


  1. Hey ! Pollock Lisbo why don’t you Quit and go back where you come from with ur She/he. That would be the best thing you can do and Never Ever RETURN !

  2. The U.S. had no problem with immigration until Biden reversed all of Trump’s orders to enforce our laws already on the books! She andBiden still try to blame everything on Trump when it’s Biden who caused the upsurge in illegal immigrants, the substantial increase in inflation and serious crime, the losses in the stockmarket, the substantial decrease in value of our retirement accounts, the super high increases in housing prices and car prices and gasoline and all our utility costs. Biden has done more damage to this country in 21 months than any other presidents have done in 21 years! And he has the balls to blame others for all the problems he caused!

  3. What i am hearing there days is the blame is always Trump . I FOR SOME REASON THINK THAT BLAME IS ON THE ONE WHO HAS CAUSE THE BLANE.

  4. When is she going to learn nobody believes the lies, she is told to tell. I don’t understand how anyone can stand in front of the American people and tell them lies like this. If I was her, I would walk out tell the truth and walk away from the WH forever. All she is doing is killing herself. There are not much news channels that will hire her after this. Their already dumping people like Lennon. People who have been on the air for years, that lie out their backside. The tide is turning, people are sick of the lies.

  5. Honestly, based on what I have seen and read, there are still a lot of folks out there who believe all that the Libs are pushing. Read some of the comments, especially on the Twitter story of Desantis sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. They think it was just “cruelty” on his part. We must realize that some people will NEVER see things the way we do. Many will not believe any of this until the Guilty Pay. It is exceptionally hard to keep your head on straight in a Psychological Informational Warfare like we are in now. So much information and disinformation to confuse the enemy also confuses us.

    When we finally get to the part where ALL of those who have been accused and actually get arrested and convicted, then, we will see those die-hards start to fall away. When they realize that they were lied to and used, when they see prosecution of the guilty. They will hopefully finally see the Truth and change. Deterrence they call it. None of them will want to face the punishments that these guilty people deserve. A mass exodus back to sanity and living right by the Constitution.

    We can only hope and pray for God to bring a swift and righteous ending to all the madness. After all, He has already won!

  6. She is part of the Biden “AA pay back” They got him elected and now he owes them big time. They are part of the indoctrination move , along with employing dozens of them in TV commercials to represent that they ARE mainstream, law abiding, intelligent (ha) tax paying , well spoken, literate equals to other ethnicities in America…. This ploy has been a TOTAL FAILURE… That one guy who did the Miss Universe contest couldn’t even read off the name of the correct winner. .and announced the wrong young lady’s name… Another real success story for them. “You can put lipstick on a pig “, to quote their token, biracial hero, Barry Obama, but………….. You know the rest

  7. Im not sure who vetted her for this job but she is perfect. It’s has to be next to impossible to find someone to read the WH talking points(lies) without a grin much less full blown laughter.

  8. Yeah, blame the only guy who ever did anything about stopping the illegals from coming in and the numbers prove it. What a bunch of tools thinking the public buys their BS

  9. this press secretary is a prefect example of a democrat. she lies constantly. she has not facts. she told us the only important hing for us to know is that she is black female and gay.

    lies, uninformed, and racist: the democrat party.


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