Putin And China JUST Changed EVERYTHING As The U.S. Readies For War | Redacted News



It’s amazing how America can vote instantly on TV shows for stuff that doesn’t mean a thing. But, we can’t vote instantly on this crazy war business! Really burns my #@$&

Government spending is their number one priority and ironically our number one threat.


  1. Biden and his woke globalist democrats have put America in a perilous place. Will it take a nuclear exchange to wake enough people up to the reality that Biden is a very dangerous man?

  2. Sadly, for the past 100+ years look closely and there will be a YANK somewhere in the mix, This time it is Mister Burns AKA Sleepy Joe.

  3. Typical dummycrat. Small, ill prepared U.S. Military when we got involved with WW1. Small, ill prepared U.S. Military that was training using the tactics of WW1 in the Navy and the Army was still buying horses and mules while the Germans were mass producing tanks when WW2 started. Sent an ill prepared, under strength, poorly equipt U.S. Army to stop a well equipt, well trained, highly motivated communist army to Korea in 1950. Then sent a highly trained, well equipt Military to Viet Nam with the sole purpose of losing the war, leaving a poorly motivated military after the war. Just leave it to a dummycrat to really fuck things up, especially one who wears poopy filled depends.

  4. China IS the #1 threat to world peace and US national security. They are absolutely right about that. The Chinese Defence Minister plainly stated in 2002, “War with the United States is inevitable. The question is not ‘if’ but ‘when’ and China will decide when.” He has not changed that position in the ensuing 21 years. China IS preparing to conquer the US, because we are the only thing standing between China and Russia dividing up the world.

    I can’t fault the Biden Defence Department for wanting to prepare for China’s attack. I can only fault the policies that are making that attack more likely to be sooner, rather than later.


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