Oil Companies Have Just Stopped Making Gasoline (This is Really Bad)


Oil Companies Have Just Stopped Making Gasoline and Why This is Really Bad for America, DIY and car review Scotty Kilmer. Premium gas myth busted and premium gasoline vs regular gas prices. The truth about high gasoline prices at the pump. Gasoline myths versus facts. Why are fuel prices so high? Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 54 years.


As a DIY mechanic, I buy cheap cars and keep them a LONG time. One I bought for $1,000 with 121K miles, now it has 245K miles 12 years later! This electric stuff sounds plain expensive!

Everyone seems to be forgetting one tiny, yet important detail. After the last two years and skyrocketing interest, who can afford a new electric car so suddenly? The bottom 80% will struggle to do this, assuming they even could with current, government timelines.


  1. The biden family are nothing more then puppets on a string for Communist China, look how much money HUNTER HAS TAKEN IN FROM CHINA TO BE SHARED WITH THE BIDEN CRIME FAMILY.

  2. As much as the far left prongs want to make believe the world can be fine without fossil fuels are just plain liars. Fossil fuels are 80% of the worlds energy and manufacturing. Wind and solar are about 10% up from 5% due to the trillions spent by gov. Until a real solution for power is found ( and what is needed isn’t even on the radar) fossil fuels are a must no matter what they say. Plastics, synthetics, etc all need fossil fuels and the supply chain cannot work without it no matter what solution the come up with. All wind and solar cannot be made without the steel amd plastics needed to make the wind and solar equipment. Might be a great pipe dream and idealist talking point it’s just not possible

  3. Our enemies will never go green since they know the world will lose efficiency to remain powerful and independent. We are following another “pied piper” that are deceiving the population into thinking that we are creating some kind of utopian society around the world when truth is we will become mere pawns with despot rulers. Fossil fuels are the only practical effective way to fuel the most powerful nation on the planet. Think people how many people cannot afford the purchase of an electric vehicle? Only a few! We will adapt to mass transit if you live in a city. Good luck if you live in a rural community. On the horizon we will be forced to live in huge dormitories sharing limited space with someone of the government’s choosing! Restricted travel outside of districts like the movie “Hunger Games”. Far fetched you might say but this is already reality in many parts of the world. Sadly the energy sector is going along with this climate hoax foolishness because they can survive because they will control energy for all of us! Money and power make for good bed fellows with our current government system. Our republic is soon to be toast. If Democrats remain in power we will experience this “liberal world order” they are freely conditioning the population with a steady rhetoric of a new world order which in truth is simply the failed Marxist governance found in Cuba, Venezuela, and other Communist nations. I fear that the educational structure in America has throughly been brainwashed with liberal thinking that has produced this “woke” foolishness that is being rammed down our throats.

  4. I doubt if the oil companies have stopped making gas but they sure reduced their production of gas and diesel. But who can blame them? Poopypants senile Joe declared war on the oil companies the first day he stole the presidency. He has taken control of the banking industry and has forbid the banks to lend money to oil, coal, and natural gas companies. Since there’s no incentive to increase production why should the oil companies increase the supply? It will be hurtful to get through the rest of the year, but if the republicans take back full control of congress it will be worth it. IMPEACH POOPYPANTS SENILE JOE!!!!!

  5. We have a 1998 Toyota Camry with 125,000 miles and use it as a second car. It still runs fine and has never been in an accident. The interior of the Camry is immaculate! We keep in our garage to protect its finish from the Texas sun.

  6. Who authorized to replace National Security for personal gain,the biden corrupt family,China gets our oil reserves? What does Biden owe China? What are the bidens on the hook for?, big guy iies, Americans owe China nothing. Last thing we received was poison pet food, lead painted toys ,fxxxed up dry and the virus that they have yet to admit too. Our emergency reserves being paid for by slave labor profits. ANOTHER HUNTER BROKER DEAL?


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