Must See: Sheriff Announces a Simple Way to END School Shootings…


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The Next News Network – Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd is tired of hearing people say that arming teachers would never work.

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Grady Judd is THE very best this country has. No one else even comes close. Thank you, Grady for all you do for the residents of Polk County, Florida! 🌟 ⭐️ 💫

Sheriff Judd is the real deal! He does not treat his position as a politician. He believes his job is to protect the public to the full extent of the law and Constitution.

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  1. Gunsmoke episodes had it right. Matt Dillon didn’t try to de-escalate a homicide driven opponent. No pussy-foot tactics. He shot them dead before they could do more or extensive harm.

  2. Not to bust anyone’s bubble, but it might be a stretch to find enough confident pro-2nd ammendment teachers to undergo and qualify through training to protect kids. I t sounds like something that could work. Of course, the left will NOT go along with anything like this since protecting ourselves is against their religion.

  3. The Democrats love any crises because it helps them get elected. They will milk the shootings to the sheep that continues to elect these people. Arm the teachers or put retire military as guards. The empty suit paper president has guards.

  4. 11 teens die every day while texting on cell phones
    when driving maybe we should ban the age limit on
    owning a cell and raise the the age limit to own one.
    The dummy rats are not near smart enough to own
    one. They are so dumb they don’t know where the
    trigger is or what it does. Sheriff Grady knows what
    he is doing he needs to pass the law he pushing for,
    put all of the teachers through the tests to qualify for
    being fit to handle a gun safely and to know how to
    be defensive when a gunman approaches, and if the
    teachers don’t want to do this then hire a retired Vet
    they are already taught how to defend against idiotic
    gun bearing idiots. GO SHERIFF GRADY, I did make a
    mistake by saying the IDIOTIC DUMMY RATS don’t
    where the trigger is or what it does, just check and
    see who is doing all this killing, it is the dummy rats.


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