Must See: Gaetz Let’s Pelosi Have It Right to Her Face…


Image from video below…

Dinesh D’Souza – Pelosi should be ashamed.

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God bless pur Matt Gaetz….we need more elected like him

WELL STATED Mr. Gaetz!!!!! Keep on talking and saying what MANY of us think!! How about not having doors propped open, what happened to ALL DOORS being LOCKED at ALL TIMES on schools?!

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  1. Many years ago our SCHOOLS WERE SAFE back then we didn’t have the problems we have today. To day we need to make our SCHOOLS SAFE AND NOT WHERE ANY ONE CAN JUST WALK IN THEM. I DON’T KNOW THE ANSWER BUT I HOPE SOME ONE DOES.

    • Ms Irene,
      Until we get rid of the existing President, VP, and the power crazy people who work for him I hate to say it but we are in for a long haul!!! Our country is in the worst shape it’s ever been and playing games, ie, praising and endorsing Life styles which will lead to the demise of this country. Teaching children in school to be gay,lesbian, or transgender is not the curriculum our children need but our President is so hell bent on the acceptance of this we will never stop it unless the people of this country get together and get rid of the problem!

  2. COVID 19 CORRUPTION Republicans want the White House to provide a more detailed accounting of exactly how the government has spent the roughly $6 trillion in COVID-19 funding that Congress had approved. Total Democrat rip off of tax dollars by Biden and his democrats needs to be investigated.Where is the money coming from to house illegal’s, feed illegal’s,transport illegal’s,clothes illegal’s,supply cell phones for illegal’s, give money to illegal’s, relocate illegal’s to the interior of our our Country where they have no relatives?Taking authorized funds for unauthorized uses is breaking federal law it’s a crime.How much money from Congress allowed for one thing like covid then has been redirected by corrupt biden policies to relocate illegal’s? Mid terms should result in many impeachment hearings, for abuse of power, breaking laws of the land, vote them out,corrupt democrats don’t care about anything except their own power,self enrichment.


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