Must See: Biden Can’t Finish Sentences on Jimmy Kimmel


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The Jimmy Dore Show
– Joe Biden recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel late night show for an interview that lasted nearly 20 minutes but must have seemed like twice that to anyone watching and waiting for the President to express himself clearly and succinctly without fits and starts or rambling incoherently.

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Not being able to communicate the fact that he can’t communicate is peak irony 😂

It is so obvious that this dude is in severe cognitive decline… I don’t understand people who defend him and claim “it’s a stutter, idiot”… Enough with the gaslighting!

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  1. Poor decisions, lousy judgements,compromised paid for positions, we could not have elected more of an anti American leader then if we put on some Chinese communist, in the white house, or maybe because of the way Hunter Biden brags about his influence over Joe Biden,we could have. His America last policy is killing our Country.The mid terms are coming closer, vote out these democrats, keep them out of impeach every asshole who broke his oath to our Country to protect and serve, replace them with those who love our country and are not looking to line their own pockets but serve the America they are trying to take away from us.

  2. Does it really matter? just another lie, just like Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas another spineless America last stooge, hired by biden, all too many lies, should be among the first to be impeached, guilty of failure to honor his oath taken to protect and serve our borders laws Constitution.

  3. Not your job as president to shut down American companies,or threaten American companies,or threaten American owners of companies or their CEO’s, guess you never read your job description,don’t remember your BS when you were running for office, but guess what, all other Americans remember and the mid terms are nearing, just look at like this so is your hearings for impeachment, Your abuse of power and office could be considered criminal or treasonous, so live it up, for now.


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