Imagine a man telling women on how to be a “women”

My wife and I are having fertility problems. She has endometriosis and has grieved for YEARS over it in a way that I can’t. No man can.
Being a woman is so, so much more than pretty dresses, cute hair, and high heels. I would list all the things that being a woman is, but I can’t cause I’m not a woman.


  1. OMG.. This spot is largely an ad for meat and a podcast… Get on with it. Anyway….. the only way we can fight this pollution is to stop giving them money. Stop buy more sht that we don’t need anyway. Its simple if you have common sense. Most large corporations understand one thing… MONEY. HIt them where it hurts, Stop buying garbage from them. Do not bow to the WOKE and get on with your life.

  2. IMAGINE A MAN (he’s been a ‘girl’ for like 9+ months only) TELLING WOMEN ON HOW TO BE A “WOMEN”

    wow: Watch how he explains how he tucks his ‘privets’ away……and talking about being a ‘mommy’
    one day?

    THAT’S A ‘WOMAN’ for you. He should go teach, supreme court nominee ketanji brown jackson, what is a woman. She said I’m not a biologist, so I can’t define what a woman is. She is one and she has two daughters, who are ones also. Can’t define what a woman is?

  3. When to we come to the realization that we are enabling mental illness and that the american psychological associate has completely abandoned all science ad fact.

    There should be thousands of psychologists and psychiatrists talking in public about the mental illness these cross dressing pretend women and pretend men are displaying. The fact that they are not shows the lack of value they have to our society.

    It is past time to take all rights, privileges, authority, and licenses away from all American Psychological associate members. They are no longer performing a value added function in america.

    psychologists and psychiatrists you are a waste of oxygen and a non-value added carbon footprint. apply for medically assisted suicide today.


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