Lori Lightfoot Asked Point Blank Why Money Is Being Spent On Migrants Amidst Homelessness Problem


At a press briefing yesterday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was asked about the financial implications of giving services to migrants.


Literally like watching a drunk driver say the crash wasn’t her fault.

Your “opening up your arms” is already more than I got as a homeless vet. This is bull!


  1. I wish they could have found a better brain for Frankenstein’s wife!! You IDIOT, because you and your party have open borders on our southern border! IDIOT! you need a shock treatment and your party needs and yellow back Republicans need to be taken to the “TRAIN STATION” and that is exactly what we 74,000,000 Plus American Patriots, red, yellow, black, white are GOING TO DO to save America and what’s left!!! One ULTRA MAGAN part of the 74,000,000 that is going to right the ship!!!!

  2. This might be a mute point because you Lori just made an unforgivable faux pas and the Marxists don’t tolerate that, so you are likely ‘out of here’. But here’s why the Marxists don’t give a hoot about the homeless. The goal is to destroy the government and dissolve the system so that it can be purged from the face of the earth and rebuilt in the image of Marxism. It was never intended that you be a part of the aristocracy who will run the planet. You are just a useful idiot, a moron who they used and will dispose of when the time is right, except that you made a stupid statement and must be eliminated now. The people you just championed are already down and out, vanquished. The illegal immigrants still have value to the cause of Marxism. Their sheer numbers will expedite the destruction of American capitalism, ie; freedom. The morons who are registered Democrats and still vote Democrat because their Mommy and Daddy always did still have value to them. You don’t, because you demonstrated doubt about the cause. The Mafia shoots their soldiers when they loose confidence in them. Right now the Marxists don’t do that but you will be ostracized from the cause. So if you still like the high life you live with taxpayer money, you better find a way to fix this stupid faux pas or your out of here.

  3. U are one very ignorant mayor, it’s all because of idiots,dumbocraps, like yourself that is the problem. Open borders are all on u,and your sanctuary cities.wake up.

  4. Giving America away in every way possible.. Screw the taxpaying working legal citizen. We are the ones being bled dry by the homeless and now this?

  5. She is, with out any doubt, the dumbest, most unqualified and racist Mayor of all time and got into office because of skin color voted by like kind only!

  6. No matter what you say Lightfoot the conservatives don’t want you.

    The money spent on the illegal aliens is being spent by your democrat party.


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