LA Forcibly Takes Over Privately Owned Apartment Building For Low Cost Housing


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Patrick Bet-David Podcast Episode 165. In this short clip, Jedediah Bila, Vincent Oshana Patrick Bet-David, and Adam Sosnick talk about LA FORCIBLY taking over a private apartment building.

“Living in SoCal my whole 38 years and I’m not surprised with our current leadership in California. Each day California gets worse and worse. The homelessness is out of control here!” John-Ryan Carter

“This is really frustrating because we could have gotten rid of Gavin Newsom but too many Republicans ran for Governor and it split the votes up.” Jenn Jordan


  1. it was not the republicans, it was the cheating left. gavin is nephew of nancy pelosi. that should tell you everything.

    • they caught DEMON-CRAPS STEALING VOTES IN CALIF. NOBODY DID NOTHING ABOUT IT; SO ANOTHER satanic sick queer is still running the clown show in calif. DO WE HAVE ANY REAL MEN LEFT ??

  2. What is the the correct pronoun for bisexuals?”TWITTER POSTING JUNE 8TH WARNING” where are the CDC warnings? Some 30 people have tested positive for the virus in the city since early May, almost all of them men who have sex with men, and the number of cases has risen 60% in just the last week. In total New York City represents more than 20% of all cases diagnosed nationwide.The Health Department on Thursday announced the opening of a temporary clinic to administer the two-dose JYNNEOS vaccine to eligible people who may have had recent exposure to monkeypox, the city announced. NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan said anxiety, particularly among sexually actively gay and bisexual men, prompted the city’s decision to make vaccines available.The two leading states for monkey pox virus New York,California,I’m shocked! what next the White House? you know.

  3. Washington Oregon and California are notorious for mail in ballot voter fraud. The whole concept of pre-printed ballots was developed and refined in these states. It is also noteworthy they all use dominion voting machines.

    If the republicans do get power they need to outlaw ballot boxes, mail in voting and dominion voting systems. They also need to put SOROS, ZUCKERBERG, and DORSEY in prison for vote tampering.

  4. This is nothing new for LA. Years ago they took the water from Owens Valley. People died trying to prevent it. Long Lake is a dry
    lake bed because they take the water from there.


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